All starts from a seed...

Following a specific methodology, Farm Bioma innovates in the area of support and networking of collaborating farms. Right from the start, our aim was not only to produce organic plants but also to support our partners with the necessary know-how. We were aware that the turn towards organic farming should be methodically supported to yield anticipated results and, in time, help create a sustainable industry.


Consulting begins right from the initial stages, i.e. drafting a cultivation plan and choosing the right plot of land. Then comes the stage of transplanting the organic plants, and the stages of cultivating activities in the farm, and product processing and packaging. 

We aim at frequently communicating with our collaborators and, when possible, visit them and take a close look at how work progresses.


In 2010, when the industry of organic aromatic plants started maturing in Greece and the first standardised products were created, we decided to make an effort to organize a nationwide farm network; i.e. to bring our collaborating organic farmers into contact so that the industry of organic aromatic plants might develop a governing body, as it were, with multiple powers and goals. Since then, we have worked towards finding the right model of operation which would meet the expectations of collaborating producers, as well as international challenges, seriously and responsibly. 

Another goal is to network Greek organic farmers with relevant bodies and federations abroad. We have participated in many events and exhibitions, presenting the effort taking place in Greece in the aromatic plant industry.

Finally, we publish the annual catalogue (in Greek and in English) that presents the information and data of organic aromatic plant growers and will be distributed both domestically and abroad. 

Initiatives for the promotion of our collaborators

  • Articles and interviews in BIOMAG

  • Creation of an annual catalogue (in Greek and in English) with all collaborating organic farms throughout Greece

  • Presentation of organic farms with aromatic plants in Greece at the World Conference of Organic Farming

  • Watch videos with producers of organic aromatic plants

  • Greek Farmers with Organic Aromatic and Medicinal Plants

  • Greek Farmers with Organic and Medicinal Plants (Facebook)

  • Presentation of organic farmers in conferences and workshops throughout Greece

  • Presentation of a study with the contribution of collaborating organic farmers on the economic efficiency of aromatic plant dry matter. (Kathimerini tis Kyriakis newspaper, Ktima kai Kipos insert magazine)

  • Promotion of organic farms growing traditional vegetable varieties 

  • Participation with a joint stand (Farm Bioma and Producers of Organic Aromatic Plants) in the Foodex 2012 trade show

  • Promotion of collaborators to a major foreign nutrition magazine


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