All starts from a seed...

Farm Bioma is a nursery open to visitors. After due notification, educational visits can be organized for schools, university student groups, official bodies, etc.

Organizing your visit  

  • Let us know of the number of visitors so that we can prepare any equipment necessary for practical lessons

  • The presentation and information given is adapted according to visitor age and level of knowledge

  • In addition to visiting our nursery, we can also provide you with information on places of interest in the area

  • In addition to our nursery, you could also visit other primary sector businesses in the area, such as organic vineyards, farms with aromatic and vegetable plants, and livestock farms

Subject matter

  • Cultivation of organic vegetable and aromatic plants

  • Traditional varieties

  • Organic farming

  • Organic cultivation in amateur vegetable gardens

  • Organization of school vegetable gardens

  • Nursery organization and operation

The above presentations can take place indoors or outdoors, depending on their subject matter. 

Practical applications

  • Getting to know the seeds (presentation of seeds, what are local varieties?, introduction to seeding methods)

  • Getting to know the plants in the nursery gardens (finding out about their qualities, introduction to their morphology) 

  • Seeding in trays (sexual propagation)

  • Cuttings (asexual propagation)

  • Transplanting

Visiting seasons

If the aim is to see and find out about plants in the nursery gardens, the best seasons are spring and autumn.


Visiting is FREE for everyone.


Garden and aromatic plants, Biological Agriculture

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