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What are organic agricultural products?

Organic agricultural products are those that have been produced in conformity to regulations determined by the EU and national legislation and aiming to protect the environment, preserve and/or enhance fertility and organic activity of the soil, and create the right conditions for the preservation of the interdependence of soil and plants, plants and animals, and animals and soil without resorting to exterior production agents.

What is the legislation concerning products of organic farming?

Production regulations and control measures for products of organic farming are defined by the national and community legislation as follows:

  • Reg. (EC) 834/2007, Reg. (EC) 889/2008, Reg. (EC) 1235/2008 and Reg. (EU) 271/2010.
  • The Joint Ministerial Decision no. 245090/06, defining additional measures for the application of the EC legislation.
  • The Ministerial Decision no. 273234/17-10-03 (Government Gazette 1579/27-10-03) on the "definition of additional measures to determine the origin of meat produced according to Reg. (EEC) 2092/91 of the Council" as has been modified and applies.
  • Circular n. 217002/27-2-2004 of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food on the "creation of a database of organically produced propagating material as per the Regulation 1452/2003/EC, and deviation procedures as per article 6, paragraph 3 of the Regulation 2092/91/EEC".
  • The Ministerial Decision no. 336650/22.12.06 (Government Gazette 1927/29.12.06) on the definition of the implementation details of the JMD no. 245090/06.
  • AGROCERT's Regulation for the Evaluation and Supervision of the System of Control and Certification of Organic Agricultural Products.

How can I identify organic agricultural products?

The labelling or advertising of organic agricultural products should bear the following indications:

  • The indication "ORGANIC AGRICULTURAL PRODUCT" along with the product trade name

  • The indication "AGRICULTURAL PRODUCT IN TRANSITION" – only for plant products whose cultivation is in a phase of transition– along with the product trade name

  • The EU logo

  • The approval code number of the Inspection and Certification Body

What are the bodies responsible for the control and certification of organic agricultural products in Greece?

Greece has established a control and certification system supervised by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, Directorate of Organic Agriculture, and overseen by the Agricultural Products Certification and Supervision Organization (AGROCERT).

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What is the procedure that a producer must follow in order to become integrated in the control and certification system for organic agricultural products?

In order to become integrated in the control and certification system for organic agricultural products, producers must first choose which control and certification body they will cooperate with, and then:

  • submit to the control and certification body an application accompanied by a formal declaration pledging to apply all relevant legislation

  • sign a cooperation contract with the control and certification body

  • within 10 days from signing the contract, notify the Directorate of Agricultural Development of the Prefecture where their business is based on the beginning of their organic production activity.

Approved Control and Certification Organisations of Biological Agriculture Products in Greece


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